Pastor’s Blog Update for March 26

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Some days all you want to do is breathe. Today feels like a good breathing day. So maybe turn OFF the news, find a quiet, comfortable place, and breathe. In and out, deeply. When you’ve done that a few times, maybe imagine that you are surrounded by the Holy Spirit and that every breath brings the Spirit into your body. Filled with the Spirit, you are safe and at peace. Just breathe.

This morning we had our monthly deanery meeting, via Zoom this time, which means you can wear your clerical collar up top and golf pants below and no one will be the wiser. As you may know – or not, doesn’t really matter – a diocese is further divided into deaneries, which are groupings of local parishes. Our deanery includes Annunciation, Blessed Sacrament, Cathedral, Christ the King, Curé D’Ars, Good Shepherd, Holy Ghost, Ignatius Loyola, Mother of God, Sacred Heart, St. James, and St. Joseph parishes. I think that’s it. Our dean is Fr. James Fox, the pastor at Good Shepherd. He’s been over here a number of times. Good man, good pastor, good dean. Anyway, the straight and skinny from this morning’s meeting is that everyone is struggling. We’re struggling to keep our communities engaged and connected, to support prayer and worship, to provide comfort and assistance, and to keep the people who work so hard for us employed. Which of course means that like so many of you we’re struggling to pay the bills.

On that topic, I’m grateful beyond measure to all of you who’ve continued to support our beloved Loyola parish with your contributions, whether by check, Faith Direct, or Text-to-Give. Times are hard. We’re all of us facing a great deal of uncertainty. It helps your old pastor’s worried heart to know that you’re doing what you can with what you have.

Have I mentioned that a person can be worried and hopeful at the same time? You give me hope.

On a technical note: We don’t have wi-fi in the church, which I’m pretty sure means that we’re not able to live-stream masses. We’ll continue to record Sunday masses (thank you dear Fr. Harmon!) and post them to the website, and we’ll continue to look for other ways to reach out and stay connected.

There’s not a person out there who’s expendable. There’s not a person out there who’s not beloved of God. And so, dear ones, let’s breathe.

One Comment

  • Barbara Ingram says:

    Thank you for the blogs. I rely on friends, faith, and family with a dash of miracles. You hit all three (plus or minus some miraculous deeds). Finally, I am with Nana. Tapioca is not a dessert but a punishment. My hubby just mentioned that he loves tapioca and was wondering why we never have any. Giggle and guffaws. Be well and you are beloved as well. I am off to pray with the Pope.

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