Our Staff

Fr. Patrick Quinn, SJ

Parochial Vicar

Hello all.  Just to let you know, I grew up in St. Louis, third of six children.  Attended St. Louis University High School and one year at St. Louis University before joining the Jesuits in 1974.  Of course, studies with the Jesuits covers many areas including philosophy, certificate for teaching secondary mathematics, computer science, electrical engineering, compute engineering and theology.  I’ve been blessed to work at many of our smaller colleges and universities including Rockhurst (KC), Wheeling, SpringHill (Mobile) and Regis (Denver) as well as St. Louis University.  Was also blessed with some parish time as pastor at St. Matthew the Apostle (St. Louis).  While settling back into parish work at Loyola I’m trying to recapture some of my early love of bicycling as well as “researching” some wonderful websites on prayer, spirituality, religious music and art.  I hope to be able to share some of these “finds” with the parish as time goes on.

I’ll have to admit that I must remain a Cardinals fan if I wish to remain a member of the family.  Since St. Louis was abandoned by two different football teams, I think the family will let me root for the Broncos—if football returns this year.  I look forward to spending some time in City Park, the Zoo, the Botanical Gardens and other Denver attractions.

Thanks for the warm welcome I’ve received.  Looking forward to the day when I can see all as they are—not masked or on Zoom.