Kathy, 07-16-17

Dear Loyola Parishioners & Visitors:
So, we’re close to the half way mark of summer. Have you already gone on your summer vacation? Or are you still looking forward to going soon? Or are you not getting away this summer and doing things around town?
Hopefully we each get at least a little time and opportunity to feel like it’s ‘summer time.’ Summer vacation, any vacation I suppose, implies something different, extra special or out of the ordinary. Something we’ve been waiting for. A chance to set aside the daily routine and experience something new for a little while. A welcomed chance for a ‘recharge.’

Just this week I read a short prayer that brought me to consider my prayer life in this way. No, not taking a
vacation from it!! The other part: a chance to set aside the daily routine and experience something new for a
while. A welcomed chance for a ‘recharge.’ During this time of vacations, I read this prayer from Terri Mifek, a contributing writer to ‘Living Faith’ devotional magazine, as a timely invitation: Creator of all, slow my pace and open my eyes. When we can, we go on retreats to accomplish this very thing. But if a retreat isn’t
available to us, maybe we can just change up our prayer, our ongoing conversations with God, a little.

In reflecting on this prayer, I realized I do find myself often saying many of the same prayers over and over….at about the same time of day…for pretty much the same reasons….. There’s nothing wrong with that of course. I don’t think there are any rules about prayer other than perhaps saying them with true sincerity. My personal fear is getting caught in something so routine or ordinary that my part of the prayer conversation is not as fulfilling for me as it should be. To me, the idea of the Lord’s helping me to slow my pace and open my eyes offers a simple but powerful tool to some new prayer, understanding and conversation.

I hope this last half of summer is enjoyable for you. May it also be a time of recharging our prayer!

Please include the July 30 Loyola Day Picnic in your summer plans. It will be in City Park from 11 am to 3 pm.
You can find all of the details on the green flyers at the church entrances, and maps will be available next weekend.

God bless,
Kathy Murzyn