Kathy, 06-11-17

Dear Loyola Parishioners & Visitors:
The last couple of months, we have been addressing persistent problems that, despite maintenance and repair, were not resolved. We are working now toward resolving these issues:
  • Academy Roofing was just on site for seven work days to repair the recurring roof leak in the northeast corner of the church interior (by the ushers’ closet). The crew is confident it was able to resolve the issue. At that time, the roof was also inspected for any hail damage from the recent storm. They reported that everything looked good.
  • Logistics Plumbing has been on site multiple times to find the best solution to resolve the problem with the bathroom by the east doors. In addition to items being flushed down that shouldn’t be, the bigger problem is the tree roots to the south of the church building. With the age of the building and grounds, the tree roots have grown into the pipes. In order to not destroy the roots and, therefore, preserve the trees, “the plumber” dug the area by hand, installed outtake and intake attachments at the site, and accessed the pipes from there to try to clear it out as far as possible with a jet blaster. This has been a step-by-step process, and we hope to have that restroom back in working order soon. The plumber also replaced the piping and valves under the Brady Hall kitchen sink. They had not been properly installed.
  • LVW Electronics was out in May to tweak some pieces of equipment to maintain our sound system. On Friday, theycame out again to run a diagnostic evaluation on all of the speakers and system to determine what new equipment or repairs are needed to eliminate the distortions often heard from the pews. This crew, which knows our system very well, frequently works out of state, so we often have to wait to schedule them once they return to town. They have assured us they will have a proposal to us next week which addresses many of the issues you have reported.
  • An unexpected repair recently took place at the school. We learned that a sewer pipe collapsed several feet under the playground. This was causing back-ups in many of the school restrooms. The vendor was able to respond quickly and took just two days to make the repair, get the school’s plumbing back in working order, and restore the playground.
  • In addition to these items, the church elevator issue of getting stuck between floors has been resolved. Since these improvements and repairs can’t be seen, or are not very noticeable, we thought it was important to share this update with the community. It is also thanks to your ongoing commitment to the parish and financial support that we are able to address these issues.
Kathy Murzyn, Office Manager