Fr. Tom, 8-20-17

Dear Loyola Parishioners & Visitors:
One of my goals since 2011 has been to have a strong music ministry. I believe, and have been told, one of the best investments a Pastor can make is in the music ministry of the parish. Over the course of the last 6 years, we have hired a youth choir director and many have expressed their gratitude for the youth choir. We have hired musicians and vocalists to support our existing choirs. We have acquired new song books. And, we are in the process of updating our sound system.
With all of this in mind, I have hired a very experienced music director, Mike Wooldridge, who comes to us from St. Finbar Catholic Church in Burbank, CA. I view this hire as a continuation of our investment in the current choir members and leaders who have served our parish for several months to a few decades. My hope is that he can assist all our choir members to grow as musicians and vocalists; provide consistent direction,
leadership and musical accompaniment to our choirs; expand their repertoire of songs and abilities to sing as a choir; and, attract new members to our choirs. My hope,too, is to allow Maria Rose and Jennifer Fairweather who have for decades served in lead roles, and Stacy who has assumed a lead role in the last few years to return to supportive roles if they wish. Maria and Jennifer certainly deserve our gratitude and my gratitude for their many years of service. Sr. Cathy as well.
I would also like to thank those who served on the search committee: Jennifer Fairweather, Kate Hope, Tammy Meneghini-Stalker, Dan Montelongo, Joe Thibodeau, Fr. Joseph, and Fr. Dirk. These men and women first interviewed and auditioned the candidates, then made their recommendation to me for second interviews. I am most grateful for their work and for Mike’s acceptance of the position. In addition to being Director of Music, he will also serve as Director of Liturgy.
Please welcome him warmly.
Fr. Tom