Fr. Tom, 7-30-17

Dear Loyola Parishioners & Visitors:
Happy St. Ignatius of Loyola Day! Six years today, I began my current stint at Loyola parish. I was filled with joy and gratitude for being reassigned to Loyola and continue to be so. We have experienced growth as a parish—new parishioners and regular non-parishioners; new ministries; new leaders and active participants in parish ministries; increased numbers of Twenty- something, Thirty-something, Forty-something households with and without children; increased offertory such that our offertory began covering our modest operating expenses. The parish school that unfortunately had to close at the end of May 2011 was able to be leased to an Episcopal independent school that shared our educational and faith-formation values in August 2012. Decorative painting between the painted windows, destroyed in the mid-90s, was restored in the last year.
But what I am most grateful for is you— our parishioners, our regulars who never register but keep coming back, and our visitors who like what they find and stay if they are able or visit again when they are able. Today, we celebrate our parish feast day and the founder of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) who founded this parish as a mission of Sacred Heart Parish on Larimer Street.
We have wine and cheese after one Mass, breakfast goodies after another, and the parish picnic in City Park after the 10:00 AM Mass. Plenty of opportunities to mingle and refresh with one another, for the kids to play games, and gather for the annual celebration. On Monday, the area Jesuits will do likewise: gather at one of our communities, celebrate Mass, eat from an out door buffet table, enjoy beverages and converse with visitors and those we see regularly and those whom we only seem to see twice a year or less like distant friends.
Happy Feast Day!
Fr. Tom