Fr. Tom, 1-1-17

Dear Loyola Parishioners and Visitors,
Many, if not all, of us receive them: the annual Christmas letter. Frequently, these letters serve as a kind of “year in review” by the sender, recalling all the important events in the life of the individual and/or their household. One letter I always look forward to receiving is from my friend, Jesuit Father Dan White. This year Dan wrote, in part:
Finally, I would be remiss without mentioning the most important event of the year. Late this fall something happened in America that confused and bewildered many of us. The shock has hardly worn off as each passing day the incredible reality sinks in a little deeper. I speak, of course, of the Cubs winning the World Series. What this means for the future is hard to tell. Prayer is always a good option.

2016 was difficult year for Dodgers and Cardinals fans perennially expecting another World Championship. Thank you all who participated in any of our Christmas liturgies and who helped decorate the Church. We want to especially thank and acknowledge members of the Youth Choir and Carmen who directs them, and the children who assembled to sing carols under the direction of Ms. Tammy at the 5:00 pm Mass; Mr. Joe Thibodeau who sang at the Midnight Mass; and, our 7:30 and 10:00 AM Choirs who sang at the Christmas Day Masses under the direction of Ms. Stacy and Ms.Maria, respectively. And, members of the Knights and Ladies of Peter Claver who decorated the church.

Happy New Year!
Fr. Tom