Fr. Tom, 08-07-16

Dear Loyola Parishioners & Visitors,
Thanks to Kathy Murzyn and Patty Klopfenstein, who
continued to build on the administrative reforms begun
by Jesuit Fr. Eustace Sequeira and Kathy Knutson, the
parish received a very positive parish review report on
July 29, 2016. We had one “moderate” risk finding and
two “low” risk findings. In comparison, the June 2012
parish review identified 2 “high” risk and 5 “moderate”
risk findings.
What this means, in part, is a potential $10,000 cost
savings to the Church over the next two years in audit related
expenses. What this means to parishioners who
donate funds to the Church and outside organizations
who grant monies to the parish is that you can be
reasonably assured that funds are used only for the
purposes for which they were given, all expenses are
documented as pertaining to Church-related activities or
the restrictions of the donor, and internal controls are in
place to minimize loss due to in-house theft or
As a former state auditor who was told by the Auditor
General that any employee of the Office who was
responsible for a finding against the Office would be
terminated, I find great delight in having few findings
and no “high” or “critical” risks. For me, the Auditor
General’s policy is an internalized value: any
individual, parish organization or parish ministry who
cannot comply with the policies and practices of the
Archdiocese and/or state and/or federal law as they
relate to the administration of the parish and who further
gives cause to a “high” risk finding on the parish will be
I am grateful to Patty, Kathy and all of you who help us
adhere to the requirements placed upon us by the
Archdiocese and civil authorities.
Fr. Tom