Fr. Tom, 07-02-17

Dear Loyola Parishioners & Visitors:

South Sudan. Last Friday, staff from both the Jesuit Conference and US Bishops’ Conference discussed the South Sudan situation, what the Bishops’ Conference is doing, and what the parish and Jesuits might be able to do.  The Jesuit Conference staff reached out to the East Africa Province to find out what Jesuit presence is in South Sudan and what, if anything, we might be able to do.

Visiting Priests.  While Fr. Roy Joseph is away to attend a weekend workshop and make a home visit, newly ordained Jesuit Fr. Jason Brauninger will be helping with parish liturgies for the next couple weeks.  Fr. Stephen Yavorsky, SJ will be in and out as is his custom, taking a break from his pastoral duties in KC.
And, the weekend of July 15-16, we will have a visiting Salesian priest, Fr. Anthony Justin Amalraj, conducting a mission appeal at all the Masses.

Parish Office.  I will be away July 9-17, so Fr. Dirk Dunfee will be the primary priest contact during this
time.  My expectation is Kathy will reduce her office hours during this two-week period, and deal only with
things already on the calendar and part of her weekly routine, e.g. data input, bulletin, etc., and an emergency, e.g. funeral, pipe burst, etc.

Happy 4th of July!  The day we celebrate our liberation from England, recognizing that in an interdependent world, we can never say we as a nation are liberated from anyone or completely independent.  We are bound
together as a community of nations sharing a common humanity and common world which we ought not destroy for our profit in the short-run while we are still alive because we don’t care about the long-run when others are alive, but we will all be dead and have nothing to gain any longer.
Fr. Tom