Fr. Tom, 06-11-17

Dear Loyola Parishioners & Visitors:
I received this email from the Provincial Assistant for Social Ministries on Wednesday, and wanted to share it with you and invite your participation.  One of the “calls” that surfaced in our parish examen was to be attentive and responsive to the needs of the immigrant and refugee communities.  The issue at hand—immigrants regularly reporting to ICE and working towards legal status now being told they may be deported—is one that impacts our parish.
Fr. Tom

Dear Friends,
I normally try not to send out action alerts outside of our normal monthly issues of Compassion, the UCS province faith-justice newsletter, but some of the members of our UCS province family are hurting and need our help. Juan Rodriguez is the father of three daughters, two of
whom, Rebecca and Karen, are students at Cristo ReyJesuit Houston High School.  Since 2007, Juan has been going to periodic check-ins at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement headquarters in Houston because he is in the United States illegally.  Because he has a family
and no criminal record, Mr. Rodriguez became the beneficiary of prosecutorial discretion under the Obama administration, and the number of check-ins was reduced to one per year.  But when he showed up for his annual check-in this February he was told that he would be deported back to El Salvador.  He was given a reprieve to attend Rebecca’s graduation from Cristo Rey Jesuit, but now he is expected to be deported by the end of June.  A moving story about the family’s situation – and their love for each other – can be found at:

The immigration advocacy group FIEL HOUSTON is working to support the Rodriguez family. They need support from the community – and from our Ignatian family.  FIEL is looking to collect 10,000 signatures which will be presented to a judge at some point – all the petition signatures are a show of support and a request that Mr. Rodriguez be allowed to remain in the US. A link to the page where you can sign and submit your name to the petition is here  Please
sign your name, and then forward this email widely.  Paul Posoli, the president of Cristo Rey Jesuit, said that there are currently about 2,000 signatures – let’s help push that number way up!

The randomly enforced but increasingly harsh deportation policies of the new administration are hurting families and children, husbands and wives.  As members of the Ignatian family, please speak out for our sisters from Cristo Rey Jesuit, their father Juan and their mother Celia, and call for ICE to rescind his deportation orders.
In solidarity,