Fr. Tom, 04-09-17

Dear Loyola Parishioners & Visitors:

On Saturday, invited parish leaders and few self-identified others met for an introductory meeting for our Parish Examen to be completed in April, with formal commitments to the Province to be drafted in May. We will meet twice more in April to share our reflections on five characteristics of Jesuit parishes.

One of the items that surfaced in our Magis Discovery sessions was parishioners valued our Jesuit Identity; but, we did not spend significant time reflecting in a deliberate manner on what that meant, “Our Jesuit identity”, being a “Jesuit Catholic” parish. In part, because we Jesuits don’t have a clear and uniform understanding about what it means to be a Jesuit parish.

The Examen will have us explore five characteristics of Jesuit parishes:

1) Liturgy, Worship & Community;

2) Faith that does Justice;

3) Collaboration;

4) Ignatian Spirituality; and,

5) Formation / Missionary Discipleship.

The Examen consists of three parts:

  • An honest and thorough examination of the Ignatian charism in the present moment;
  • A reflection on the insights generated by that examination, leading to a discernment of how the Spirit might be calling the parish to grow in its Ignatian charism;
  • A statement of commitments the parish is willing to make regarding its intention to grow in the Ignatian charism and any feedback as to how the Province can help.

Please pray for this process and for those who will be undertaking it.

Fr. Tom