Fr. Tom, 04-02-17

Dear Loyola Parishioners & Visitors:
Rick Turco, our Maintenance and Custodial person, has left our employment to take a new position with an Archdiocesan school.  We have contracted with a company to provide janitorial and custodial services in the Church on Mondays.  While a parishioner has volunteered to do touch up work later in the week so we are ready for weekend liturgies, I would like to ask that anyone who schedules Brady Hall and/or the Church for use during the week to take responsibility for making sure the area is cleaned up when you leave.  Similarly, if you use the Family Center or old Convent.  Let us try to leave the areas we use as we found them or better. You can check with Kathy in the office as to where various items are kept if you do not already know.  Next will be to arrange for cleaning of the Family Center and old Convent on a regular basis.  Until we hire a replacement for Rick, we will just need to clean up after ourselves.

I am glad we have more use of the facilities, more engagement of parishioners, more opportunities to gather and celebrate with food and drink; but, it has increased our needs for custodial/janitorial support throughout the week not simply to clean up after weekend use.  I am also cognizant of the fact the parish priests need to pitch in, as other parish staff and parishioners have and continue to do so.

Thank you for your assistance.
Fr. Tom