Discovering the Magis


The purpose of Discovering the Magis is for our parish to have meaningful, spiritual conversations about who we are as well as about what we believe is important to do and to become in relationship with God.  We want to learn more about who our congregation is today.  We will work to anticipate and create the future of our parish to help us move forward from where we are and get us ready for something “new” in response to our changing environment.   This intent creates an opportunity for strategic discernment in planning a journey that will shape us after prayerfully reviewing where we’ve been, where we are and where we find we are being called by God to go.

Expected Outcomes
A customized plan that will bolster what works well, fills gaps in our ministries and carves out new apostolates.  It is expected to draw us closer to what God thinks we are capable of.  It will also establish an ongoing opportunity for parishioners, guests and visitors to think about their identity in relation to the parish and our effort to carry out God’s will for us.

Prayer, scripture readings (our biblical anchors) and spiritual discernment will be integral to the planning team’s activities and responsibilities.   Throughout all steps of the process, the team will be engaged in conversation with God and with one another:  Discovering the Magis for Loyola is a daunting assignment that must be rooted in prayer and reflection.  Feedback on the team’s activities will be provided to the parish on an ongoing basis through a variety of media.  This approach is consistent with the “Strategic Discernment” carried out by the U.S. Jesuit Provincials (2004-2008).


Wheat Team

The Wheat Team supports the Discovering the Magis Team with any one or all of the following:
• Encouragement – such as providing affirmation to Magis Team members of their trust that the Holy Spirit will guide the Magis Team’s work; of their confidence that the time spent working on the Magis Team is providing positive results for St. Ignatius Loyola Parish.
• Prayer – praying for the Magis Team on a regular basis, especially during the time of Magis Team meetings.
• Act of Wheat – such as saying a rosary; coming early to Mass to pray; praying before the Blessed Sacrament; volunteering at a local soup kitchen or senior center; doing quiet meditation, all for support of the Magis Team