Discovering the Magis is a process of discovery and discernment consisting of meaningful, spiritual conversations about who we are as a parish and what we believe is important to do and become in relationship to God.  Through this initiative, we work together in communion to anticipate and create the future of our parish.

Discovering the Magis Team

Formed in late 2013 (and closed late 2014), this team of parishioners held a series of parish conversations to collect data for development of our parish’s vision statements.  The statements were discussed and reviewed by the parish in January 2015 and shared with parishioners both in April and June 2015.

Magis Leadership Team (MLT)

This team, formed in August 2015, is a strategic-thinking, high-energy team responsible for guiding our parish as we take action to implement our parish vision.  This team of servant leaders provides guidance and support to Innovation Teams and Individual Discoverers.


Team members include: (back row) Martha Daniels, Christa Gray, Ann Cohen, Anita Riley, (front row) Jim Blumberg, Christine Rossi, and Brian Payer.


The team may be contacted by email at:

Parishioner Leaders

The heart of Discovering the Magis are parishioners who will lead or participate on Innovation Teams, supported by the MLT, to put our parish vision into action.  Teams will focus initially on these topics as identified by parishioners at parish summits and discovery sessions:  Welcoming, Youth, Elders, Adult Education/Spirituality, Communication, Diversity, Sacred Space, Mission (outreach), Immigrant communities.

Wheat Team

Prayer is the foundation of parish discernment and development. The Wheat Team is open to anyone anywhere in the world who is willing to offer prayer and encouragement for the Discovering the Magis initiative.

The Magis Leadership Team will provide information regarding the formation of Innovation Teams and growth of the Wheat Team in the near future.  In the meantime, Loyola parishioners are welcome to email with questions, ideas, or interest to get involved.

To get started, download and complete the Idea Card and/or the Talent Interest form and place in the boxes located on the tables at the entrances.